Farmington, CT


Celebrating 50 years in the 50 states German technology company Trumpf GmbH is a world leader in the development and production of machine tools and lasers for industrial manufacturing.

If it has to do with cutting, etching, or forming metal, they do it.

2019 marked the company’s 50th anniversary in the United States, and they asked us to help commemorate the occasion.

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We started off by working with the company’s communication team to develop a book that celebrates the company’s history, capabilities, relationships with their customers, and workforce.

The foil-stamped book cover. The document was initially envisioned as an elaborately illustrated timeline. The more we learned, however, the more we came to believe we had the opportunity to do much more: This didn't have to be a linear document.
Instead, we proposed developing a series of interesting stories that would help convey the personality and approach of the company. Our goal was to be smart, fun, engaging, and informative. All at once.
We divided the book into a series of sections, each focusing on a key theme. As a nod to the company's focus on manufacturing, each section opener is a typographic assembly — printed with metallic ink.

The book showcases the history, capability, fun, games, and little-known facts that make the company (and what they do) unique.

The text, photographs, and supporting graphics interconnect as an elaborate puzzle; no two pages are alike.

The book at the printer: We enjoy manufacturing as much as we do design, so our collaboration with Trumpf is a perfect fit.

As part of our work, we developed a signature “50 Years” graphic to serve as the centerpiece of the celebratory campaign.

Since Trumpf, Inc. manufactures equipment to cut and form steel and sheet metal, we thought it appropriate to develop a symbol that suggests this activity.

The negative spaces (the leftover parts) from the letters in their name became our inspiration; when reconfigured they create a distinctive seal.

The approach was carried out through invitations, signage, products, and gifts.

We designed the interiors of the company’s first West coast showroom in Costa Mesa, California. We installed a series of curved walls to help guide visitors through the space.

The reception area, still under construction. We designed a custom steel display wall (fabricated using Trumpf equipment and technology) that presents the company’s name along with spaces to showcase their customers’ parts and products.

The curved walls snake through the space to form a timeline highlighting Trumpf’s first 50 years in the U.S.

For the “living wall” lounge we designed a pair of custom tables fabricated using locally sourced fallen timber.


Alexander Isley
Erika Back
Shannon Stolting
Matthew Kaskel