Identity, communication, and environmental design for education, entertainment, and enterprise.

We work with companies and organizations to establish their brand personalities, amplify their voices, and increase their value through the power of honesty, intelligence, imagination, and wit. (Pretty much in that order.)

We are an optimized and efficient team of experts. We focus our attention on only a few clients at a time. We offer an unusually wide range of capabilities for a studio our size.

We work smartly and efficiently. We like people.

Our process:
Step 1: Figure out what to say.
Step 2: Figure out the best way to say it.

(Translation: We decide what a design should look like only after we decide what it should do.)

And what else?
We’re known for innovative and effective work that captures people’s imaginations and inspires them to take action. Our work embraces the power of narrative and a love of letters—and how they can work together to put forth a compelling argument.

We work within all areas of design to ensure that a story is engaging and consistent:

About the company

Alexander Isley founded our firm in 1988 in New York City, where we spent our first several years toiling away in a cast-iron building on lower Broadway. We love New York City and cast-iron buildings, but we’d always wanted to work in a barn.

We needed to do something about that.

So we did: Our office is a green barn in Connecticut, where we look forward to coming in each day to do work we enjoy alongside people we like.

We have been honored with the Federal Design Achievement Award, The Webby Award, the SEGD Global Design Award, the I.D. Gold Award, and Time magazine’s “Best of the Year” designation.

Our work is represented in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art, The Smithsonian Institution, the Museum für Gestaltung in Zürich, the Poster House Museum, and the Library of Congress.

Alex is a recipient of the AIGA Medal, awarded for distinguished achievement and contributions to the field.