Pakn Treger Magazine

Bringing new life to an old language The Yiddish Book Center has at its core activity the rescue of Yiddish and other modern Jewish books, opening their content to the world.

But they do much more than that, and over the years the organization has grown to become a vital cultural force. Over a number of years, we’ve served as consulting design directors for the Center.

Among our responsibilities is the design of Pakn Treger magazine. (For the interested, here’s a nice article by Steven Heller on its design in The Atlantic.)


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Designing Pakn Treger has given us the opportunity commission illustrations from some of our heroes, including Seymour Chwast, Paul Davis, Barry Blitt, Sarah McMenemy, Ward Schumaker, Annabel Wright, Annita Soble, Jeffrey Smith, Victor Moscoso, and, in this case, David Cowles.

Take a look here for more collaborators in our Gallery of Greats.

We design both print and tablet versions of the magazine.

Drew Friedman’s perfect portrait of restaurateur Ziggy Gruber.

The Pakn Tragerpage configurations are inspired by multilingual books from the Center's collection.

Alexander Isley
Stephanie Grusczynski
Christina Holland
Erika Back
Shannon Stolting

Herb Lubalin Study Center
for Design and Typography

Special Collections Research Center,
NC State University Libraries