New Canaan, Connecticut

New Canaan Library Capital Campaign

New Canaan, New Library We’ve been working with Connecticut’s New Canaan Library as they develop plans for their new building.

In addition to designing capital campaign-related communication and outreach materials, we created a graphic installation for The Mirror House, a new information pavilion.

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A temporary prefabricated structure, the Mirror House (a nod to New Canaan’s role in the story mid-century Modernist architecture and, of course, to Philip Johnson’s Glass House) houses informational and educational resources for the New Library initiative.

The exterior of the Mirror House features a rendering of the new library building, on which is reflected the “New Canaan, New Library” campaign theme.

Fortune smiled: Conceived before the outbreak of the COVID pandemic, the structure offers an ideal venue for small family groups to experience an isolated virtual reality tour of the new library.

Town zoning requirements limited the size of sign we could install.
Our workaround: we leveraged the mirrored facade to provide additional impact.

The new building, designed by Centerbrook Architects, will be on the site of the existing library and will provide a new Library town green.

We've developed campaign-related materials for fundraising and to provide information to the community.
Invitations to the Mirror House unveiling were sent to every family in the town. Each recipient's name was custom imprinted onto mirror-finished card stock.

Smiles, everyone!

Alexander Isley
Erika Back
Angela Chen