Kingston, New York

Hutton Brickyards

Branding an industrial venue Identity program for an event venue and cultural center. We took our inspiration for the logo from simple potters’ marks.

The graphic program serves as a simple foil to the more colorful and visually dynamic identities of the hosted events, weddings, and concerts that take place within the venue.

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Hutton Brickyards as it appears today

The factory complex in the early 20th century
The distinctive kiln sheds are among the structures that remain on the site.

The Hutton Brickyards venue features a collection of renovated and new structures, providing functional yet elegant locations for concerts, events, and weddings.

The centerpiece of the new identity is a simple structural HB monogram, inspired by the clay seals we’d found in our research, and the architecture of the historic steel factory buildings.

The circled monogram is combined with customized lettering to form the logo.
The logo serves as a distinctive and effective tool for identifying and promoting the venue.

An iconic Lidgerwood crane, once used for loading bricks on Hudson river barges, is the distinctive centerpiece of the Hutton Brickyards complex.

The twice-a-year Field+Supply fair is hosted by Hutton Brickyards.

A stylized "H" motif is used to frame all event-related promotional photography.

Alexander Isley
Erika Back