New York City

FIT: The Fashion Institute of Technology

A New HUE for You to View Behold our redesign of HUE, the magazine of FIT, the Fashion Institute of Technology. Our mandate: Make it big, bold, and fun to read, with each page a surprise.

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HUE isn’t on newsstands, so there’s no need to have a large nameplate or cover lines: We think it’s nice to have a cover that’s a bit enigmatic. (The T-shirt is explained once the reader gets into the issue.)

The first few spreads lead the reader into the content, posing the question “What is American style?”

We made up for the tiny HUE on the cover with a honking huge name on the table of contents.

A few spreads from the issue, exploring the idea of American style.

The digital edition was created in association with our talented friends at GoodFolk Agency.

To provide a big finish for each issue, the editors ask an FIT student or alumnus to talk about what inspires them. In an unusual move, we placed the masthead on the last page to serve as a fitting end credit for the issue.




Alexander Isley
Carol Mihelek
David Cushman