New York City

Bolo Restaurant

Design with a Spanish flavor We designed the identity, signage, and wallcoverings of Bobby Flay’s second restaurant, Bolo, featuring Spanish-inspired food.

The murals were inspired by European street posters; we silkscreened patterns on oversized rolls of photographers’ backdrop papers and pasted them right on the walls.

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The James Biber-designed space was colorful and eclectic, appropriate for the spirit of the cooking.

The visual program is spirited and chaotic. The decorative elements were cut out by hand, and the logo was different every time it appeared.
The menu covers were custom silkscreened.
We developed a series of templates to enable the restaurant staff to update the menus on a daily basis.

The wall murals were an evolving installation: Once a year we’d return and paste new patterns over rips, tears, and food splotches. This just reinforced the concept and added to the charm.

The menu program included the design of wine lists and dessert menus.
Stationery and check presenter program


Alexander Isley
Philip Bratter

James Biber

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