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Girl Scouts “Be a Friend First” Initiative

BFF: Be a Friend First. Bullying is a huge issue among middle school-age girls, and the Girl Scouts of the USA recently embarked on an ambitious national awareness program, providing the tools and resources for girls and adults to begin to address and combat the problem.

We were asked to take a key role in the conceptualization, organization, and rollout of the initiative, called Be a Friend First. We created a set of communication tools that can be tailored for use by supporters, educators, and the media to implement the program on a local level.


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We developed a program kit that’s distributed to local Girl Scouts program leaders. It contains everything you need to know to set up local BFF initiatives: How to approach organizations for funding, how to coordinate with school administrators, and how to organize participants.

The information program includes both print assets and digital resources and downloads.
The BFF symbol incorporates a blue ribbon, the symbol of anti-bullying awareness. We asked the wonderfully talented designer and illustrator Jessica Hische to create the artwork.
The symbol applied to a bracelet. Girls wearing this in school identify as kindred (and sympathetic( spirits.

Included in the kit is a customizable wall poster for announcing local meetings.

All program components are presented in a tote bag.

Alexander Isley
Angela Chen