Telling a company’s story We worked with AOL for a number of years, helping them introduce new products and connect with new audiences.

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We worked with long-time partners The Dave and Eddy Show to create a "brand bible" for AOL's strategists and developers, providing guidelines for the creation of new digital products.
Our goal was to establish a way of ensuring consistency: The document served both to codify AOL's brand approach and provide specific guidelines for the development of new offerings.
Direct mail booklet, highlighting each of AOL's products. (This was targeted to people who were not yet online, to address the obvious question.)
Each page was meticulously typographically crafted to reflect its subject matter and emphasize keywords. (Remember keywords?) This took us forever to create.

It worked. For a while.



Alexander Isley
George Kokkinidis

Strategist and Writer
Dave Goldenberg,
The Dave and Eddy Show

Special Collections Research Center
NC State University Libraries