Animal Planet

Launching a wild new product line When Discovery Communications wanted to create a new line of Animal Planet products, they looked to us for help.

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We established an editorial and visual approach for the line, developed packaging, named the toys, and produced an innovative and award-winning style guide that shows licensees how to implement the program with spirit and a sense of fun.

While officially called a Style Guide, we think of it more as an "Attitude Guide."
The document provides guidance on how to develop toys for the line, how to promote them, package them, and even name them.
We worked with Toys “R” Us in launching the line, naming the products, and developing packaging for over 150 toys.
Prototype retail display from the style guide.
Some of the products developed for the initial launch.

Prototype store design

Concept boards showing a range of Animal Planet products we developed for consideration, some of which made it to market.

As a result of our work, Toys “R” Us named us their Vendor of the Year. (It’s one of our most treasured awards. Honest.)


Alexander Isley
Tracie Lissauer

Alexander Isley

Featured in ID Magazine
Toys “R” Us Vendor of the Year