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AIGA: The Professional Association for Design

Designing for designers We’ve worked on a number of initiatives for AIGA, the professional association for design, and the country’s leading resource and advocacy group for designers.

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Attendee guide for the annual AIGA conference for the year it was held in New Orleans. The slipcase, when removed, reveals a jambalaya-like collage.

This “printer’s nightmare” poster, designed by Alex while he was at the studio M&Co., illustrates everything that can possibly go wrong when one’s best intentions go awry.

There are lots of design-related inside jokes, which is the kind of thing you can do when speaking to an extremely targeted audience. Creative Director: Tibor Kalman. Writers: Danny Abelson, Alexander Isley

There’s a story behind this piece: Nathan Gluck was a beloved long-time administrator at AIGA, and he let it slip that he’d at one point been Andy Warhol’s assistant, where his job included creating the artist’s shoe illustrations. Amazing.

Upon learning this, we had no choice but to ask Nathan to create the drawings for this poster.

Environmental design for an annual awards gala. The event had a celestial theme, so we created zodiac-style portraits of the year’s honorees.

Hanging banners were printed with reflective ink in order to catch the light

A test print in our office

The theme extended through the design of the table centerpieces

…and to a series of photo backdrop areas

For a poster celebrating the New York chapter’s 30th anniversary, “AIGA/NY” is embedded within a vascular system. This is one of those times when one holds on to an image — perhaps for years — waiting for that magical time when inspiration strikes. Or desperation emerges.

OK, these are truly ones from the vaults. Designed before we had computers — or budgets — Alex created these mailers using a trusty old typewriter (a Brother Correct-O-Ball XL1, his high school graduation gift).

Alexander Isley
Charles Robertson
Alyssa Najm

Alexander Isley

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