Amherst, MA

Yiddish Book Center

Telling good stories The Yiddish Book Center’s mission is to recover, celebrate, and regenerate Yiddish and modern Jewish literature and culture.

Over the years the organization has grown to become a vital cultural force. Their identity needed to be updated to communicate this, and we were asked to help.

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As part of our work, we’ve created an identity program, communication materials, signage, and the design of Pakn Treger magazine. All our work makes use of a little white goat (klor vays tsigele), incorporating his profile in a variety of ways.


The logo incorporates the goat (named Tsigy) and the word “Yiddish” (based on lettering found in a book by El Lissitzky).

Assorted identity and communication pieces. There's a consistency of approach while leaving a lot of room for playfulness.
Design of Kvel, the Center's newsletter.
Icon for The Schmooze, the Center's podcast.

Over the years, we've been involved in the development of all the Yiddish Book Center's identity and communication initiatives — print and digital publications, websites, membership materials, campaign initiatives, social media assets, and campus signage.

Covers of Pakn Treger magazine, the journal of the Yiddish Book Center. You can see more here.

A few views of the campus signage. (Tsigy's an all-weather goat.)
Our work includes the development of both print and digital publications. We get the most satisfaction when we get to be involved in all aspects of an organization's identity, environments, and communications.

A membership kit contains a handy Yiddish language translation wheel

...that incorporates a number of useful phrases.

Promotional poster, illustrated by Sarah McMenemy

Poster and identity for Yidstock, the annual cultural festival at the Yiddish Book Center.
We did indeed steal from... that is, pay homage to... the famous Woodstock poster with the bird perched on a guitar.
Website designs for a student outreach program and a collaborative translation initiative.


Alexander Isley
Stephanie Grusczynski
Christina Holland
Erika Back
Shannon Stolting

The Herb Lubalin Study Center
of Design and Typography

Special Collections Research Center
NC State University Libraries

Museum of Design, Zurich