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Launching a toy line We were asked by Scholastic to help launch a line of educational toys and activities for Toys R Us.

As part of our work, we developed and wrote a series of in-store promotional videos, positioning Scholastic Toys as “Toys Almost As Smart As Kids.”

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Our challenge? We had no toys to show. So we wrote a script in which kids would spell out the word S-C-H-O-L-A-S-T-I-C, coupling each letter with a phrase (“S: Silly Science” …). The last kid said “Scholastic Toys: Toys almost as smart as kids.” which became the products’ tagline.

The videos were used in all Toys R Us retail locations.

The individual Scholastic Toys were developed by outside companies and consultants. There was no consistency in the way that instructions were being developed, so we were commissioned to write and design each toy’s instruction manual to be simple, informative, and grade-appropriate.


Alexander Isley
Colleen Sion

Alexander Isley

Video Director
Monica Anderson,
Blackwatch Productions