Charlotte, Vermont

Philo Ridge Farm

Working on a farm Philo Ridge Farm is a diversified working farm that integrates livestock, orchards, gardens, and community events.

Situated on 400 acres of pasture and woodlands in Charlotte, Vermont, the farm develops and implements practices founded in regenerative agriculture to aid in soil recovery and the strengthening of the ecosystem.

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The farm sought our help in developing identity and communication materials to help spread the word of their mission to their community, partners, and visitors.


The farm’s distinctive Belted Galloway cattle are the inspiration for the logo. (As an added bonus, the cow incorporates a stylized map of Vermont.)

In developing the logo, our goal was to create an arresting mark that suggests that Philo Ridge Farm has a unique and contemporary mission.
As part of our work, we developed a retail signage system including custom updatable menu boards, shelf displays, and informational signs. Templates were provided so that updates can easily be made in-house.
The packaging is simple, honest, clean, and clear.
The shipping boxes tell the Philo Ridge Farm story.
Developing the logo. A lot of effort goes into making something seem effortless.

Like we always say, the test of a good logo is if it works on Jenga blocks.

The Philo Ridge Farm visual program includes signage for the buildings and grounds as well as the development of maps, printed literature, apparel, and educational materials.

One from a series of "around the farm" walking-map brochures

One of the best parts of being a designer: It’s rewarding to see unexpected ways in which an identity program gets implemented.


Alexander Isley
Matthew Kaskel
Shannon Stolting

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