Astoria, New York

Museum of the Moving Image

Providing a look behind the screen For a number of years we served as design consultants to the Museum of the Moving Image, the only museum in the United States devoted to film, video, digital media, and motion graphics.

Our responsibilities included the art direction and design of the museum’s overall graphic identity, exhibit graphics, fundraising materials, architectural signage, products, publications, and educational outreach materials.

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The logo design incorporated an eye inspired by the actresses of Hollywood's Golden Age.
OK, it was Audrey Hepburn.

Design of the permanent “Behind the Screen” exhibit, tracing the development of movies from script to screen. The signage incorporates cut-out letters that allow transmission of light onto surrounding walls, echoing the way a projector interacts with celluloid.

A two-level scrim welcomes visitors to the permanent exhibit.

Descriptive signage system for the museum's collection, containing a dizzying array of props and memorabilia (including Yoda and the Exorcist doll).
We designed a series of bi-monthly member publications. The museum's archives contain plenty of source material; getting good artwork was never a problem.

Alexander Isley
Barbara Sullivan
David Albertson
Kay Schuckhart
Lisa Billard
Alexander Knowlton