Honesdale, Pennsylvania

Highlights for Children

Telling the story of a beloved brand Highlights magazine is an American institution, with over a billion copies printed.

With a robust roster of allied publishing and education-related ventures, the company is wildly successful by any measure. But they wanted to grow into new areas.

To do this, they needed to better define themselves. They asked us to address this question: How do you articulate — and nurture — a respected brand while building paths to new products and markets?

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It’s a classic branding challenge, and the Highlights leadership team called us in to help them address it. Our first step was to develop a new brand architecture that would work to achieve Highlights’ goals for growth. We then created a broad strategic communications platform.

We distilled and updated the mission and core values to make them more useful — and actionable — for their communications. We then determined a viable position and developed messaging to support it.

Once that was all in place, we created a printed brand bible that includes a brand overview, application guidelines, printed and digital assets...
...and a unique comic book-style brand overview. We then worked with the Highlights team to create internal presentations to train the staff in their use.
The new brand system is in place, which we helped Highlights implement across all areas of communication.
Our work included the creation of trade advertising, promotional materials, and digital presentations to potential partners and licensees.
We collaborated with writer and strategist Dave Goldenberg from the Dave and Eddy Show in the creation of the branding program.
Master logo refinement, along with the development of a new "H from Highlights" sub-brand.
Evolution of a trade event presence, from sketches to final design.

Alexander Isley
Erika Back
Christina Holland
Jennifer Merrill

Dave Goldenberg