Shoukichi Kina
Announcement of a concert by an Okinawan funk band in New York's Central Park. We did not have any good photographs so we had to draw something.

Luaka Bop Records
Poster for a release from David Byrne's Luaka Bop label featuring music from Bollywood films. We sent our artwork over to India to have the poster printed and they kind of moved everything around for us. We like it better this way. The small figure at the top left is our homage to John Travolta. Just because.

Central Park SummerStage
We made the artwork from flowers picked in the park.



Yiddish Book Center
The painting is by the wonderful Sarah McMenemy. We think she's getting sick of us calling whenever we need a building to look kind of magnificent.

The annual music festival of the Yiddish Book Center. Kind of like if Country Joe and the Fish played klezmer music. Sort of. Maybe? OK, forget it. (Yes, we totally cribbed from the original Woodstock poster. We call it homage if it's done with love.)

This one was a lot of fun. Alex got to speak alongside Seymour Chwast, one of his heroes. They were paid with envelopes stuffed with cash. (They shorted Alex. Not sure if Seymour got his full fee. We'll have to ask.)

Colorblends Wholesale Flowerbulbs
Promotional materials for one of the country's largest and most respected tulip importers.

(We've since updated
their logo.)

 If you can't think of an idea, just use either a piece of meat or a smiling boy. Works every time.

Town of Ridgefield, Connecticut
Some of our clients are in other parts of the world. Some are just down the street.

The professional association for design

Over the years we've done a great deal work with this storied organization, a preeminent resource and advocacy group of all designers. This "printer's nightmare" poster, designed by Alex while he was at M&Co., illustrates everything that can possibly go wrong when one tries to translate an idea into an artifact.

There's a story behind the second piece: Nathan Gluck was a beloved long-time administrator at AIGA, and he once let it slip to Alex that he'd at one point been Andy Warhol's assistant, where his job included creating the artist's shoe illustrations. Amazing. Upon learning this, we had no choice but to ask Nathan to create the drawings for this poster.

Providence and Boston: One side shows WHISPER in huge scribbled letters. The other shows "shout" in type so small that it won't reproduce here. You'll just have to use your imagination.


Stone Barns Center
for Food and Agriculture

Two from a series inviting the local community in to learn more about farm-to-table agriculture.

Girl Scouts of the USA
Part of a national anti-bullying campaign aimed at middle school students. The lettering is by the phenomenal Jessica Hische, who did us a total solid by agreeing to help us out on this. So we owe her.

Goethe House New York
Poster for a cultural festival. The photograph is by the great David LaChappelle. The lettering is perhaps the single worst thing we have ever done. But we're gonna own it. Right here. Right now.

It was Halloween.

30 designers were asked to each make a poster celebrating the AIGA New York chapter's thirtieth anniversary. We hid some letters within a cardiovascular system.

Gilbert Paper
This was a poster announcing a student letterhead design competition. We made an oversized prop paper clip and gave our artwork and a straw boater to photographer Geoff Spear, who took all of 45 seconds to set up, light, and take the shot. It was perfect. It's awe-inspiring to work with someone so in command of their craft. 

National Endowment for the Arts and The Smithsonian Institution
Our assignment was to create a poster that would be distributed to students aged K-12 (!), describing what design is (!!). (Talk about a couple of tall orders.)

We decided to show how design is a process that requires teamwork, research, collaboration, and trial and error, using the development of the Bell 500 Series telephone as a case study. It took us weeks of back and forth with Washington, responding to faxed pages of criticism and comments ("We see that your poster starts at the bottom. Everyone knows a poster must be read from the top down.") to finally get this done. It went out to schools around the country, spreading (we hope) the gospel of design. 

Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum and The Smithsonian Institution
Poster for "Packaging the New," an exhibit showcasing how industrial designers, package designers, and advertisers work together to envision and launch new consumer products.

We worked with designer Constantin Boym to create the installation. We were thrilled to prepare the environmental signage along with this lavishly produced limited edition silkscreened poster. Eagle-eyed readers might note the humongous and humiliating typo near the bottom. Ow. (No one ever mentioned it to us, but we're coming clean now.)

Federal Design Achievement Award

Neenah Paper
Poster from the "Punc'd" poster series, in which a group of designers were each given a punctuation mark to render. We got the "%."

US Green Building Council 
Our design of a recruitment poster for architecture students, using an old piece of wood and reclaimed nails to spell out the organization's mission.

Scholastic and Target
Poster for kids, showing what design "can" be.

MalContent Conference
Poster for a 2000 tech conference, envisioned by legendary adman Jay Chiat, who posited that the Internet startup boom was at the top of a big fat glistening bubble, poised to pop in spectacular fashion. Boy, was he right.

Brooklyn Academy of Music
New Music America festival. We could not think of an idea for this. If you can't think of an idea, just use either a piece of meat or a smiling boy. Works every time.

BlueBolt Networks
Poster for architecture and interior design students, promoting a new type of software. Who doesn't want to design better?

A commemoration of Texaco's 100th anniversary. We had unfettered access to their subterranean climate controlled Bond villain-worthy archival bunker. Immensely cool.

Des Moines