Gimcracks: Products, Promotional Items, and Giveaway Swag

Alexander Isley Inc.

Over the years we’ve collected and customized a series of limited edition objects, made just for the fun of it. What they have in common is they are simple everyday items that we think are perfectly designed and often overlooked. By bringing a little attention to these things of beauty, we hope to spread the gospel of simple and effective design, and how text and packaging can encourage people to consider things anew.

Isley Architects

Promotional plastic “paperweight,” developed as a holiday gift for an architectural firm. The design was based on the successful legal pad paperweight developed at M&Co.

Blue Q

Product designs for Blue Q. We developed over 60 magnet sets, and they are sold around the world.

BlueBolt Networks

Invitation to a trade event hosted by BlueBolt Networks, specification software for architects and interior designers. The design was die-cut plastic to look like a designer’s drafting template. 

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J&B Scotch

Holiday wrapping paper, prepared for J&B Scotch

Georgetown Land Development Committee

Commemorative items for the Georgetown Wire Mill real estate development, manufactured from reclaimed wood, glass, and wire spools discovered on the historic site.

Stamford Museum & Nature Center

Invitation, “Pedal to the Metal” exhibit.

Little, Brown

Trade show swag for Little, Brown, publishers of the “Completely MAD” book we designed. We feel all trade show attendees should wear fezzes.